Regularization of Buildings

We provide fire department grants for buildings.

Every building, which is intended for common use, should be regulated by the fire department. This measure aims at safety against fires to the population.

Safety measures against fire of the buildings are proposed according to the risk, which is a classification determined from the analysis of the area, occupation and activity developed there. An anti-fire project is conceived, so later it can be installed.

As a way to certify the safety of the regulated building, the fire department has created “Auto de Vistoria do Corpo de Bombeiros” (AVCB) (Inspection Report of the Fire Department), a document issued after verifying safety measures adopted according to the “Processo de Segurança Contra Incêndio e Pânico” (PSCIP) (Safety Process against Fire and Panic).

Insurance companies offer a huge discount for buildings that have a modern and reliable anti-fire system, with up-to-date inspection reports.