Technical Report

We produce technical reports for the renewal of AVCB and issue the Building Approval Certificate / “Habite-se”.

According to the legislation on safety against fire, “Auto de Vistoria do Corpo de Bombeiros” (AVCB) (Inspection Report of the Fire Department) has an expiration date. When the expiration date is over, the owner or responsible for the use should require the renewal of AVCB from the fire department.

For this, they should hire a legally qualified professional to write a technical report that certifies the operating and maintenance conditions of safety measures against fire and panic adopted, as well as its conformity with the safety project against fire, approved by the fire department.

“Habite-se” is the term used to refer to Building Approval Certificate. This certificate is na essential document for those want to have their property regulated by the city hall and is also required by obtaining real estate financing, establishment of condominium and any type of financial operation involving the property.

Some documents are required to obtain the “Habite-se”, among them the technical report certifying the effectiveness of the Fire Fighting Prevention System implemented and the adequacy of this system to the existing technical norms and legislations (except for the horizontal single or multi-family residential building, with independent entrances to several several units).